Barefoot Wonder

T Bruce Bowers/violins

Ric Gillman/guitars

SomeĀ of these videos were shot at various live performances by friends and fans.

Because of this, some songs are incomplete.

And now a couple new videos from our recent southern tour:
Cello Dreams from Council Hill Station, Illinois (Thanks Don Greenwood)

and live from the Man Cave in East Dubuque, Illinois, Buffalo Grass (Thanks to Jerome)

Okay, this next one requires a little explanation. It starts with T Bruce’s effects system, which he designed and built. As you can see below, that’s why he plays barefoot.

What goes on with T Bruce's bare feet

What goes on with T Bruce’s bare feet

T Bruce's Custom Pedals

T Bruce’s Custom Pedals

This allows T Bruce to perform as an entire string orchestra (The Krakatoan Philharmonic) live with his Zeta violin.

We’ve been asked many times to put this beautiful piece on our CD, but we feel it’s just too confusing to have all that sound without seeing how it’s done. So, here you are, Live from Mt Vernon, IA with thanks to Nancy Emrich and LilFest:

Barefoot Wonder plays the Take Me Out to the Ballgame at FARM 2015

Barefoot Wonder plays “The Devil’s Return” at Harriet Brewing, Minneapolis, MN

Barefoot Wonder plays the Deep River Blues at FARM 2015

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