Barefoot Wonder

T Bruce Bowers/violins

Ric Gillman/guitars

My Second Birthday

Where to begin? First and foremost, THANK YOU to all my friends, Chautauqua fans, and staff, and even folks I hardly know, who have taken the time and given the support to help me, and my family, with this challenge. As far as I am concerned you all attended my birth...

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ZIGGY! at the Big Tent

We had the most wonderful 30 minutes of our band history with Ziggy Marley's beautiful 1200+ audience. They LOVED us, and we loved them. Come see us in our afterglow at The Crossing in Zumbrota, July 22. Barefoot Wonder at The Crossings Hope to see you there, T Bruce...

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Barefootin’ South Tour

Well, it's time for some real barefoot weather. We are headin' south in March (affectionately known as Mud Month up here in the northland) So for all our southern bells and bulls, please come on out and catch a show. Here's our schedule: Barefoot Wonder Barefootin'...

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Our post Turkeyday Thanks

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving; a Barefoot Wonderful time with our families. Now it's time to share some music with our extended family. Come on down to the Snug in Washburn tomorrow starting at 4. We will have some new music, and free CDs to the first 10 folks to...

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Ronny Cox – Folk Alliance 2014

This isn't about Barefoot Wonder, but I just had to share it here. Boy, I had no idea this sounded so good. It was very early in the morning for making music (at least for me), but it couldn't have been better. A real joy to play with these gentlemen, Ronny Cox,...

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Barefoot Wonder wandering towards a website

Hello to anyone who happens to stumble on this site. This is T Bruce, and I am burning the midnight oil trying to learn WordPress and get this interweb home for Barefoot Wonder up and running. I hope you can be patient, it's a big job for this old fiddler. Feel free...

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